Two Door Cinema Club. 5 Gum Style.

So the boyfriend and I went to the rather phenomenal 5 Gum Experience a few weeks ago. From the get go it was something rather different, the crazy competition entries to the fans showing their support and everything in between.

It was a different experience as we rushed to the airport at 10:30 after watching the rugby at Newlands to find we were just about to board one of the last buses going to the venue. The secret/hyped up venue we knew nothing about. A venue that happened to be an abandoned cement factory in Philippi.Needless to say it was simply mind blowing. 5 Gum did some wonderful work on securing a place like that. It was stark, industrial and the perfect fit for the evening.

We arrived just in time for a little bit of trance and people going mental. Naturally. Then Two Door Cinema Club took to the stage and played one of the best shows I have been to. From playing all my favourites to some of their new – and fantastic – material it was amazing.

All in all it was such great night. Loved it!

p.s. Have a look at what went down at  5 Gum Experience. You are in for a treat!

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